A hair volumizer adds volume and body to thin or flat hair. This can be in the form of shampoos, conditioners, Treatments or Mousses. Some hair volumizers are also found in the forms of hair sprays, pomades, hair masks and thickening creams, Hair volumizers temporarily give flat hair some much-needed thickness.

How It Works:

Hair volumizers contain humectants that swell the hair shaft, temporarily making it look thicker. Polymers in the hair voloumizers coat each strand, also adding to the thicker look. A humectant is a non-oily substance that pulls in moisture from the surrounding environment and attracts it to the hair strand. The increased moisture also helps each strand of hair look thicker. These ingredients give hair body, bounce and fullness.

How To Use:

Hair volumizers are relatively easy to use, depending on what form. A hair volumizing shampoo and conditioner are used just like regular shampoos and conditioners. Volumizing sprays and mousses are worked into dry or wet hair, while hair masks are left in wet hair for a few minutes to give it body and fullness. Always follow the instructions on the product.



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